Science Shows Therapy for Sleep Disorders Works Long-Term

Science Shows Therapy for Sleep Disorders Works Long-Term


If you’re suffering from sleep disorders and aren’t alone, you’re not the only one. According to Institute of Medicine Committee, around 50 to 70 million people in the US suffering from some kind of sleep disorder. Between 3 and 50 the majority of people have the most prevalent sleep disorder of all the sleep disorder known as insomnia.

Another common sleep disorder is the obstructive sleep Apnea (OSA) that affects around 27 percent of males and 23 percent of females.

Untreated sleep disorders could affect the health of many people including the quality of your life chronic suffering, weight-management and many more. Due to this, it is necessary to get help from professionals if having persistent sleep issues due to different reasons. For instance, research into the sleep-pain interaction has shown that even just one night of sleeping in a deprived state can cause more discomfort the next day.

In the market, there are lots of treatments for sleepiness ranging from melatonin to CBD gummies with some help from sleep hygiene apps. There is evidence that suggests CBT (CBT) might prove to be the best method of treatment for sleep disorders.

Cognitive behavioral therapy or sleep medication?

Sleep medications are a crucial solution to critical situations that call for a lack of sleep, such as severe anxiety or grieving. But, it is possible to develop dependence to sleeping pills, or experience adverse effects such as the loss of memory, drowsiness throughout the day, elevated blood pressure or depression.


Thus, researchers are attracted by alternatives to drugs in treating insomnia. American college of Physicians recommend CBTI as most used treatable methods used by people suffering from chronic insomnia.  If CBTI is not successful then a doctor is able to have a lengthy discussion with you regarding the appropriateness of sleeping pills and their potential risks and advantages.

A meta-analysis and systematic review revealed that CBTI proved to be more effective in managing chronic insomnia than medications. People who are using cognitive behavioral therapy experienced significant sleep quality. The most significant finding was that the effects were evident for a period of time after treatment was completed.

Similar to this, a smaller randomised controlled trial of 46 participants showed that treatments using CBTI proved to be more effective for the short- and long-term treatment of insomnia that rely on sleeping pills Blue Zopiclone.

What is cognitive-behavioral therapy like?

The cognitive-behavioral treatment to treat sleep (CBTI) can be described as a distinct type of therapy that addresses insomnia. CBTI examines the connection between your thoughts (cognition) and behavior and sleep.

When you undergo the typical CBTI therapy, a certified expert will assist you in identifying thoughts emotions, feelings, and behavior patterns that lead to insomnia. The therapy will be administered by a person who has specialized CBTI training, which is usually psychiatrists, psychologists, or medical doctor.

The therapy session might be one-on-one with the therapist, or in a group of others who have similar concerns with sleep, or even on the internet.

The typical duration of treatment is 6- 8 sessions, but the amount of time will vary based of the extent and nature of the insomnia disorder you have. The treatment provided by a doctor who is a primary care physician can be as little like two or three sessions. CBTI is not a fast solution, it may result in gains in only a few sessions.

CBTI has a multiple-component approach in that it incorporates different methods. Therapy sessions can include cognitive, educational and behavioral elements.

About 70 to 80% of patients suffering from insomnia are helped by CBTI

Multi-component CBTI can be effective. A meta-analysis revealed that between 70 and 80 percent of patients notice improvement in their insomnia symptoms. The advantages include more sleeping time as well as less time spent falling asleep, and waking more frequently in the night. The most impressive aspect? The fact that participants often maintained their results throughout the course of time.


CBTI proved to be effective in those at a higher likelihood of suffering from insomnia, like pregnant women, those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or who suffer from insomnia after treatment for cancer. It’s more effective than medications in certain patients.


Incredibly, a controlled study found that CBTI could be beneficial for people who suffer from insomnia that is short-term.

Similar to other types of therapies, CBTI doesn’t always start functioning immediately. Some methods takes long time to learn and adapt into your daily routine lifestyle. Certain methods could require a major change in your routine, therefore it’s important to start slowly. Methods such as sleep restriction and stimulation control are slow.

It may be helpful to keep track of the progress you make over time by using notes or an app for sleeping to be motivated by changes you may not be able to notice otherwise.

If you are not getting the desired results from the CBTI, then consult your physician as soon as possible.  American College of Physicians recommends consulting with your physician about the possibility of using sleep aids in conjunction in conjunction with CBTI treatment.


Lifestyle changes to compliment CBTI
  • Increased physical activity

The addition of a 30-minute workout in your day could reduce the time it takes to sleep. Exercise can help to sleep longer.

  • Lifestyle choices that promote health

Reduce or eliminate alcohol as well as caffeine, and try not to smoke cigarettes as they could make it more difficult to sleep and the effects may persist for hours.

  • Stress and anxiety reduction within your daily life

Stress depression, anxiety, or stress can cause sleep problems or cause a problem more severe. Controlling stress and keeping a positive, peaceful outlook will allow you to get better sleep.

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