Are all the medicines are safe to consume?

  • All of the medicine is safe and they are approved by FDA. Therefore you can purchase the one you need. Also generic are affordable as compared to brands. But they work safely and effectively.

Is there a way to purchase the drug without a prescription?

  • Yes, with the help of ZopiclonePill you will no longer have to rush for a prescription. It is very easy to get your health medicines with us.

What all countries are most likely to take advantage of generic medicines?

  • There are many countries like the United States, the UK, France that are getting the benefits of generic medicine online easily.

How can I get to know the date of expiry after purchasing medicine

  • Once you have purchased the dose then according to the standard policy the duration is 6 months. Therefore you do not have to be worried.

What is the actual time to get the medicine after purchase?

  • You will get your medicine within 10-14 business working days. Apart from this if there is a delay then you can call our customer support to seek help.

What is the way to track my order online?

  • Once you have associated with us you will get the tracking number. If you want to know where your order has reached then you can track the one with the help of the respective number.

Is there a way to cancel the order once placed?

  • You can only cancel the order in the state if it is not dispatched. In that case, you have to pay the cancellation charges. Else the order cannot be cancelled.

What if I have received the wrong packet than the placed one’s?

  • If you have got the wrong parcel then, in that case, you can call us to know the procedure. All you need is to follow the one and you can get the replacement done.

Can I correct my email address if I want to change it?

  • If you have placed the wrong email address of yours, in that case you need to repeat the entire registration process.

I am stuck with my payment through card, how can I resolve it?

  • In this case, if you have stuck then do double check your pin or details. You can retry after some time.