Hypnite 2mg (Eszopiclone)

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Anxiety and Insomnia


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Hypnite 2mg (Eszopiclone) - 2mg

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Hypnite 3mg (Eszopiclone)

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  • Certain branded drugs help a patient suffering from insomnia to fall and stay asleep longer. One of the popular brand names is Hypnite 2mg which comes under the classification of sedative-hypnotics. Eszopiclone is the primary component of this medication that helps slow down the activity of nerve cells in the brain.
  • Insomnia is an ailment where a patient feels difficulty in falling asleep. Eszopiclone helps produce a calming effect on the brain letting the patient have an uninterrupted sound sleep. This medication usually has a short-term treatment period of one to two weeks or less. If insomnia still exists after the medication, the patient must consult a doctor for other treatment procedures. Buy Zopiclonepill should be stored in a cool place. Also in such a place where children do not take.

Dosage of Hypnite 2mg

The dose and duration of taking this medication depend upon the doctor’s prescription. The patient must swallow it as a whole rather than crushing or chewing it. The prescription for dosage may vary due to many factors like age, liver condition, and other medications. Taking a higher dosage than the prescription can increase the risk of drowsiness.

Consume as per direction

The medication has a short-term usage treatment. It can involve risks if a patient does not follow the prescription. There are some points which an individual should keep in mind while using Eszopiclone. They are:

  • Stoppage: The patient may experience withdrawal symptoms if he suddenly stops taking the pills. It may involve nausea, strange dreams, stomach upset, and anxiety.
  • Schedule: The patient should take the drug on the right schedule that is immediately before bedtime. An early consumption will lead to sleepiness before bedtime, and lateness will increase the risk of drowsiness in the morning.
  • Miss: A patient shouldn’t take the medication if he remembers it with seven to eight hours left to sleep.
  • Overdose: An overdose of the medication will have a dangerous level of drug in the body causing excessive drowsiness. It can also lead to coma.

Warnings and Precautions

 Eszopiclone medication comes with several warnings. They are:

  • FDA warning: This pill has black box warnings that alert patients and doctors about the dangerous effects of the drug. This warning is according to the guidelines of the FDA.
  • Complex sleep behavior: This symptom may include walking, driving, and engaging in other activities when not fully awake. These events may lead to serious accidents and even death. The doctor may advise the patient to discontinue Hypnite 3mg in case of complex sleep behavior.
  • Next-day drowsiness: Patients having this medication according to the prescription may also have effects from the drug. The symptoms may be drowsiness, weakness, unclear mind, and trouble thinking. Therefore, it is advisable not to indulge in activities like driving, using machinery, or other activities that require attention and concentration.

A patient may also suffer from drowsiness the next day maybe due to not being able to sleep for seven to eight hours the previous night. Over time, an individual may tolerate the side effects, but it is still important to stay cautious after consuming the medication.

  • Abnormal Behaviors: The patient may have to deal with abnormal behavioral patterns like irritations and suicidal thoughts.
  • Allergies: An individual may suffer from serious allergic reactions after consuming Hypnite 2mg, like nausea, vomiting, breathing trouble, and swelling of the tongue or throat.
  • Food interaction: It is better to avoid high-fat meals just before or after consuming the medication. The food can lead to decreasing the efficacy of the pill.
  • Health Conditions: The liver helps in breaking down the medicine inside the body. People having liver issues can find the medicine accumulating inside the stomach. It leads to cause more side effects.

Individuals with health-related problems like depression can increase suicidal thoughts even more after taking this medicine.

  • Senior citizen: The side effects may be more for those who are more than sixty-five years. The kidney may not be functioning as well as it should. The drug stays in the body for a longer period causing a raise in side effects. This event may slow down the process of medicine.
  • Alcohol: Drinking alcohol can increase the risks of side effects of this pill. It is better not to consume alcohol if someone is on Eszopiclone medication.

Common side effects

Apart from drowsiness, lack of concentration, and behavioral changes, the tablet has other common side effects. They are:

  • The patient may suffer from a serious headache.
  • It may cause a change of taste and dryness in the mouth.
  • Consumption of Eszopiclone may cause hallucinations in some patients.
  • People may also suffer from viral and respiratory tract infections after having this tablet.
  • The patient may suffer from memory loss and anxiety.
  • Fatigue, loss of interest, and sadness can cause severe depression in the patient’s mind.

Points to Consider

There are certain important considerations that a person should keep in mind while using Eszopiclone. They are:

  • Storage: The correct temperature to store the tablets is as close to seventy-seven degrees Fahrenheit. A room with a controlled temperature between fifty-nine to eighty-six degrees Fahrenheit is also suitable for storing the medicine. People should avoid keeping them in places having direct exposure to sunlight or dampness. Another important point is to keep it away from the reach of children.
  • Refills: Patients do not need fresh prescriptions to buy a refill. The doctor generally authorizes the number of refills in the prescription.
  • Traveling: A patient should always carry Hypnite 2mg while traveling. While flying, it is better to carry the original prescription-labeled container in the carry-on bag instead of a checked bag. The airport x-ray machines don’t damage the pills. People should avoid keeping the medicines in the car’s glove compartment, especially when the weather is very hot or cold.

Buying online

The medicine is available in lots of online pharmacies. A patient who needs the pills can browse the internet and place an order on a reputed site. The delivery of the medicine at his doorstep will save both time and energy.

Healthy Sleep

These insights about Eszopiclone will help people understand its function, uses, precautions, and side effects. It will also help in remembering the important considerations while taking this medicine. Consumption of the prescribed dosage of Hypnite 2mg tablets at the correct time will surely enable a person who has insomnia to have a sound, healthy and restful sleep.


People ask some frequent questions about the medication. The readers will get to know all the answers as they go through the article. The common queries are:

  • How long a patient has to wait before the tablet starts working?
  • How long does a patient need to have the medication?
  • What are the symptoms of overdose of the pills?
  • Does this tablet have adverse side effects?



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