vidalista 80

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction




10 tablets in 1 strip


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vidalista 80 - vidalista 80

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About  Vidalista 80mg

  • Vidalista 80mg is the medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction condition.
  • Male impotence is defined as the weak erections. It is mainly due to the ongoing lifestyle. Hence men a present time are encountering more and more weak erections.
  • Tadalafil is the active component present within Vidalista. It lasts for hours and support men with strong erecting power.

How should Vidalista 80mg medicine be used?

  • The right way to use the Vidalista tablet is with water, it is because it comes in oral form. A patient who all are taken must keep in mind that it should not be chewed, crushed, and also broken.
  • If you are planning your sexual course then Vidalista is one of the prime doses for men.

How to Take the Vidalista for Positive and Harmless Effects?

  • Vidalista 80 mg belongs to the Phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitor. The medicine works right after getting into the body.
  • It reaches the penis to withstand strong erections. Take the medicine as it is directed and do not try to go for another mode.
  • It means to take the medicine 30 minutes before sex
  • If you bother to do so then there will be unwanted side effects.

Which Dosages of This medication

  • Vidalista 80 mg pills work as the saviour for men for the treatment of weak erections. Erectile dysfunction at present time can be easily treated with Vidalista.
  • If you are looking to withstand hard erections then do consume the medicine as it is directed.

Limitations for the Use of Vidalista 80mg

  • Some important precautions need to be followed at any cost. It comes with the medicine when you buy the medicine.
  • Vidalista (Tadalafil) can interact with nitrates-containing medicines. Hence it is not advisable to take medicine that contains nitrates.
  • If you have a breathing problem, diabetes, liver or kidney trouble and other health hazards then do not take the medicine.
  • Consuming Vidalista and driving after it is not recommended.

how does Vidalista 80mg work

  • Vidalista being a cheap medicine works by relaxing the muscles and ensuring to own hard erections.
  • The main active component Tadalafil ensures to improve the flow of blood. Therefore it makes it possible for men to own hard erections.
  • The increased cGMP level ensures to relax the muscles. In turn, helps you to be in strong sexual stimulation.

Different variants of  Some ED Medicine is as under:

  1. Vidalista 5mg
  2. Vidalista 10mg

Where to Vidalista 80mg

  • Buy Vidalista Online, to cure ED and in turn leads a healthy sexual life. The effectiveness of the medicine is very popular among men.
  • It is delivered across the USA, UK, Australia easily and supports men with hard erections.
  • Online pharmacies are one of the prime spots for men at present. It is mainly because 90% of the men feel shy to purchase the medicine offline.
  • This is where the easiest and most affordable way is served to men across the globe.

Potential Risks and Side Effects


  • Penile trauma
  • Blurred vision
  • Hypersensitivity reactions
  • Chest pain
  • Palpitations


  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Painful erections
  • Pain in body

When Vidalista should not be used ?

There are many conditions where vidalista is not allowed to consume. Some of those are-

Intake of alcohol and smoke

  • Alcohol and smoking is the disaster at the time you are taking Vidalista 80mg. It means you need to quit your bad habits or lifestyle if you are looking to cure ED.


  • Medicine containing nitrates are considered to be harmful in combination with ED medicines. Hence it is not recommended to take ED medicine along with nitrates.

Any other health issues

  • If you have any other health issues, be it for heart breathing, diabetes, asthma and others do not take medicine before the consultation. You need to tell your doctor to know your exact medical condition and then proceed towards a cure.


  • If you are prone to any allergies or with the component present do not take the risk. First, ask the doctor and take the necessary advice on how to withstand the case.
  • There are many such precautions or contradiction that needs to be kept in mind. Therefore before taking Vidalista ensure to read all of those carefully.

where to Vidalista 80mg

  • Buy Vidalista from any corner easily, safely, in a secured and affordable way. You will be able to shop for ED medicine for free.
  • It is mainly because Zopiclonepill can easily serve you with all these benefits.
  • We have a safe delivery mode and 24×7 customer support.
  • We do offer free delivery with our products to serve you with best comfort online. In this manner, you do not have to pay any extra charges.


Is Vidalista 80mg FDA approved?

  • Approved by FDA and then delivered to many countries across the globe Vidalista is the secured medicine. It has gained ample positive reviews to which men can easily secure impotence.

Is Vidalista 80mg and Viagra are same?

  • Vidalista and Viagra mechanism and target disorder is same but with different active component. There is only a difference in the name of the component. On the other side, they work in the same manner and know for the treatment of ED.

how long does Tadalafil Vidalista 80mg last?

  • Vidalista 80mg has the capacity for lasts around 6 hours. Spouses can easily enjoy their sexual course for long. It assures men with hard erections with fail.

is Vidalista 80mg safe

  • Yes, Vidalista is found to be a safe and secured medicine and easily cure ED. There have been tremendous results found among millions of men and hence its sale is increasing day by day.

which is best Tadalafil or Viagra?

  • Tadalafil and Viagra both are effective medicine for erectile dysfunction. They both can be purchased for sale as well. In this way purchase medicine online and ensure hard erections.

Taking more than one dose of Vidalista 80mg is safe?

  • Vidalista 80mg is recommended one dose per day. Do not try to exceed the dose you have asked to consume. If you do so then there can be many potential side effects.



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