Insomnia breakthrough Scientists identify 5 types

Insomnia breakthrough Scientists identify 5 types


Although insomnia is a serious health problem, new research could make it easier to diagnose and treat the condition. It turns out that insomnia isn’t a universal health problem. A new study has revealed that there are five types of insomnia with their own set of symptoms. Different medical treatment like Zopiclone 10mg buy may require depending upon the type they are suffering from.

The Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience examined thousands of individuals who had signed up for an online sleep registry.

In their conclusion, they find five different subtypes according to their depression risk, treatment response, personality traits and brain activity. According to the team, these findings could accelerate research into insomnia and lead directly to more tailored treatments.

The progress in insomnia research with that of dementia which has revealed subtypes with markedly different brain mechanisms. After scientists discovered the different types of dementia, research on dementia has been much more rapid. These include Alzheimer’s disease, frontal and temporal dementias, and vascular dementia.

How much sleep do most people need?

Average sleep of seven to nine hours is needed for adults, but this may vary from person to person. It is just as harmful for your health to keep turning and being awake all the time as it is to be unable fall asleep.


Insomnia is a serious problem among people

Chronic insomnia affects one in ten people around the world. It is the second most common and severe mental disorder. The underlying brain mechanisms are not clear. Insomnia is still a mystery. There is hope for faster treatments thanks to the

Insomnia, and its consequences

Insomnia is a common complaint that patients bring up to their doctors. People with insomnia experience significant distress and disruption in their daily lives.

They often feel tired and sleepy throughout the day and rarely feel refreshed when they wake up. They may feel depressed, irritable or anxious. This condition will make it difficult for you to succeed at work and school. It affects one’s ability focus, attention, memory, recall, and learning.

Traumatic events, work pressure, and family problems will be responsible for insomnia cause. Others suffer from insomnia that lasts months or longer. Scientists have tried to understand the brain mechanisms behind insomnia but their results have been inconsistent.

Some identical patterns will be observed in the effectiveness of the treatment while some people work fine as compared to others.

Blanked and her colleagues suggested that this lacklustre consistency could be due to the fact that “subtypes” of the disease are still unknown.

5 types of insomnia

The researchers then decided to continue their investigation with a three-part study.

They first analysed the responses to up to thirty four questionnaires that the Netherlands Sleep Registry volunteers had completed.

Scientists have found that the questionnaires measure personality traits, which scientists believe can be linked to brain structure and function differences.


The researchers used a technique called “latent classes’ analyses” to Analyse the questionnaire data and identified five types.

Type 1= Highly distressed i.e. means its score is high as per their personality traits named as feeling low or tense and neuroticism

Type 2= Average distressed: Here scores indicate their responses towards the pleasurable feeling are intact.

Type 3= Distressed moderately and reward insensitive.

Type 4= slightly distressed along with high reactivity and their symptoms may vary from life-related events and environment.

Type 5: Low reactivity with slightly distressed.

Findings related to this are being confirmed by the researchers through the evaluation of a non-overlapping cohort of around 251 volunteers who get recruited from the sleep registry. Finally, five years later, the third part was completed. 215 volunteers were re-evaluated from the original sample.

These results showed that people had maintained their type of sleep from five years ago, “indicating high stability of the classification.”

Other insomnia types

Other detailed investigation shows other differences among these five types. For instance, electroencephalograms depict the different brain responses toward external stimuli. This supports the notion that brain research may reveal some underlying mechanisms.

Researchers also discovered that different types of insomnia were responding to drug and cognitive behavioral therapy treatments.


The risk of developing depression was also different for each type of insomnia. According to the authors, the risk of developing depression was up to five times higher in certain groups than others.

Researchers have begun investigating ways to prevent depression among people suffering from the most severe form of insomnia or you can go for Buy zopifresh 10mg online. The types of symptoms, such as difficulty sleeping or early waking, did not differ.

These findings suggest that previous studies to identify types of insomnia may not have been successful because they were too focused on these symptoms.




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